When dreams came thrue


“Dear President of the Republic of Serbia, Mr. Nikolic, a respected mayor – Mr. Jovanovic, it is great honor that you are here today for all of us and that we have possibility to tell you that our dream finally has became a reality” – were the words that Jelica, one of the girls from the Youth facility of  SOS Children’s Village Kraljevo, addressed to the audience at the beginning of the formal handover of the new house for Youth facility. Newly built house, worth 200,000 euros, is MK Group donation. President of the Republic of Serbia, Mr. Nikolic and President of MK Group, Mr. Miodrag Kostic, cut the ribbon in the presence of the Mayor of KKraljevo, Mr. Dragan Jovanovic and many guests, friends and associates of the SOS Children’s Village.


“The dream started when Miodrag Kostic visited us last winter and said that he would build us a house. We all rejoiced in the Village when the foundation stone of our house was set, with the first scents of spring. It was a feast for all of us. , I could not believe that our house got a roof, when I came home from school one autumn day. I believe that when you really want something, dreams are coming true!” Jelica added.  Mayor of Kraljevo, Dragan Jovanovic said that this donation means a lot, not only to the children of SOS Children’s Village, but also to the city of Kraljevo. He pointed out the support given by the local government to this project.


Asked – how he dreamed his dream to build a house for young people, Mr. Kostic said: “As a parent, I can say that there is no  greater joy than to see the smiles on the faces of carefree young people. I believe that everyone must share with the community the values ​​that he created during his career, in relation to his potential, in a way that befits him. This is just another proof that “MK Group” good intentions does not end with the words, but they are consistent in our actions, as we did in the previous 30 years.” He pointed out that the other donors also helped the construction of the house.


President of the Republic of Serbia, Mr. Tomislav Nikolic said that those who have more than they need should share their wealth with those who have nothing or  little.
“If the ‘MK group’ showed to other groups, companies and joint stock companies how they should be behave socially responsible in this country, then this is  a great contribution”.


According to him, “MK Group” may have a great business success, but it will be remembered only if they behave socially responsible and contribute to young people perspective and to Serbia rejuvenates. “Children without parental care are now seeing that some people take care about them and that the state and the nation could join in their interest.  Their prospects now depend just on whether they want to learn and what they want to become.”

President Nikolic and Mr. Kostic visited the SOS Children’s Village after the ribbon cutting, visiting the house and socializing with the young people. They visited the village welcomed with joyful smiles of children. They went to visit seven family members and SOS mother Natasha, who lives in the house Blueberry.

Blueberries youngest residents made ​​sure to open imediately with undisguised delight and joy the gift of the President, the computer that will be used all along.
In return, guests are served with homemade croissants and coffee, cooked by two  young housewife, girls Mica and Vikica.


Director of SOS Children-s Village Kraljevo, Ms.Vesna Mraković Jokanović expresed the gratitude of the children and of all who care for them, handing symbolic gifts to President Nikolic and Mr. Kostic and said:
,,We believe that every child should grow up surrounded by love in a family environment and get a chance to educate and develop his full potential. Our mission is to raise healthy, happy, hardworking and honest young people. Your presence and support have strengthened our faith in a better future and give us the strength to write it ourselves. A great deeds arising in the hard times and prove the friendship. There is no gift more valuable than a roof over their head, a warm hearth and caring neighbors. We promise that, as stated in the charter of the foundation stone of our house, this home will ever be upright and proud and you are always welcome in it.” Equipping of the house will be finished by the end of December and 14 high school students will move to their new home.


Construction and decoration of the house helped: “Sunoko” Foundation, Herman Gmajner”; Directorate for Planning and Development of Kraljevo, Department of City Planning, Department of Real Estate Cadastre; Waterworks; company: Steel Mill, Telecom, Elektrosrbija, Geoinženjering , Šamarica, Toza Mraković, Beogradelektro, Amiga, Trgomen, SSN Worldvide, the B92, Gorenje, Club,,Privrednik”, Comtrade, Samsung Electronics Serbian, Chevrolet, the Chamber of German Economy in Serbia and the school of Forestry from Kraljevo.