What color is your heart?


If you want continuously to help children without parental care from Serbia, by providing them with a chance for a better future, you can do this through a permanent order and / or a direct debit of the current account.


Why to become a member of our “Golden heart” club?

Our organization provides a long-term, continuous support to children without parental care until their independence, and you will enable us to change the lives of hundreds of children across Serbia and give them a chance for a better future.

How to become a member of the “Golden heart” club?

The membership in our “Golden heart” club depends exclusively on your willingness and possibilities, and it implies the following:

  • Your support for regular monthly donations in the selected amount;
  • You can always change the amount of donation, or terminate membership;
  • You will be regularly informed about our activities with newsletters that will come to you every month via e-mail.

You can become a member of our Club:

Through our SOS Representatives, which will be available to you in public places, from the end of February. They will be branded in the colours of the SOS Children’s Villages, and will not receive any donations in cash. All personal data you leave to them will be treated in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act.


These are our representatives

Aleksandar Petko

Jovana Stefanović

Sonja Nikolić

Ilija Jovanov

Isidora Toljić

Jasna Đorđević

Petar Ranković

Slađana Stajković

Jana Đuriš

Maja Stojimirović

Marija Jovanović

Jelena Dogančić

Dragana Tiomić

Zlata Panić

You can meet our representatives this week in the following locations in Belgrade:

NAME OF LOCATION ADDRESS Dates when SOS representatives are on location Time
Roda – FOB Djordja Stanojevica 35 30.10 – 03.11. 15-20h, Sat/Sun 11-16h
OMV Jurija Gagarina bb 30.10 – 03.11. 15-20h, Sat/Sun 11-16h
Ada Mall Shopping Center Radnicka 9 30.10 – 03.11. 15-20h, Sat/Sun 12-20h
Tempo Ada Obrenovacki put 3 30.10 – 03.11. 15-20h, Sut/Sun 11-16h
OMV Radnicka bb 30.10 – 03.11. 15-20h, Sat/Sun 11-16h

The next week’s plan will be highlighted early next week.

By filling out online registration

For more information about the “Golden heart” club – a regular donation program through a permanent order or direct debit in the bank, please contact us at 011-6302-932 or by e-mail: klubzlatnosrce@sos-decijasela.rs. We will be happy to answer any questions.



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