SOS Children’s Villages Serbia secures donators’ payments to be used for purposes they were received for. We manage those tasks on daily basis by controlling donations, sponsorship incomes and expenses in the financial department, based on uniform rules and procedures for implementation of all programs and projects. Double internal control of all projects and expenditures of resources is carried out on monthly basis – one by the project team and staff, and the other by employees responsible for finance controlling. Control of entries and liquidity is being done every quarter by the regional office – financial and controlling department in Vienna. Other departments within the regional office control expenditures dedicated budgeted through semimanual and annual reporting (ICT department, department for collecting resources and HR department). Also, quarterly, we send reports about donations from abroad to our founder Kinderdorf. Our founder controls the international financial standards of our Federation.

Furthermore, control of our finances is being done annually by auditing company Roedl&Partner Audit d.o.o. Belgrade-Serbia, as well as by other auditing companies hired by our partners in order to check expenditures of donation they have given.

Our organisation works according to all domestic laws, which we continuously confirm by reporting to domestic VAT and financial institutions, as well as through annual reports. Control over our pedagogical part of labour is done by the Ministry of Labour, Employment, Veteran and Social Affairs of the Republic of Serbia. The appliance of international standards and guidelines are controlled by the National Office / National Director for program development, while control over personnel policy is in the responsibility of the Human Resource department.

SOS Children’s Villages Serbia is a member of an International Organisation SOS Children’s Villages which helps people in 136 countries. In our organisation, transparency and responsibility emphasize everything we do. We are devoted to domestic use of all funds and resources of ours, providing them to be used in accordance with approved budgets for programs and projects.