The OMV Serbia companie’s employes were great hosts for us


Sixty children from SOS Children’s village and their SOS mothers were guests on 10th September in our OMV’s employees’ homes, in Belgrade.
Kids were enjoying their group visit to ZOO, their mutual friendship  and the opportunity to see an elephant, giraffe, bears, seals, white lions, fishes and all of the beauties of animal kingdom, to play around with ponies… they had also enjoyed all of those ice creams and they had sweetened their lovely hot day.

SOS families had visited and the headquarters of OMV Serbia’s company where they were gifted with great presents such as school bags, pencils and toys. The launch at McDonald’s was a special experience because in Kraljevo they don’t have any restaurant like this that’s so adapted to children and their needs.


At the end of the day, they were waving at their new friends inside the bus.
This was just one of most of the activities that OMV company Serbia has been done during past six years with intense to help our children, as the biggest corporative donor. Our lovely hosts announced visit to our village and a money donation for the most emergent needs.