Special lunch in Reception Center Preševo

One family from Afghanistan often spend time in our Family Room in Reception center Preševo and as time goes by our team members became friends with members of that family.

“Smiles of seven month old Marina and two years old Romina are big motivation for us and reminder why our work is important and why we have to try to be better persons, in order to be role model for children who we taking care about”, said Jelena, SOS Children’s Villages educator in Reception center Preševo.

Afghan family has been living in Reception center Preševo for more than a year. They shared good and bad moments with our colleagues and help providers from other organizations. They’ve participated in all activities in our Family Room.

One day, they showed their gratitude on very touching way. At the end of the week, young couple made the most delicious food, specific for Afghan kitchen and served it in our Family Room. They invited their friends from the Camp and our colleagues and made a little banquet with traditional music.

Our team members were really touched, so they enjoyed lunch without many words, but with lot of happyness and positive feelings.