SOS CV Kraljevo

SOS Childrens Village Kraljevo – Serbia

Is nongovernment humanitarian organization which is dedicated to child’s welfare and straightening families and community as preventive measures in the fight against child’s abandoning and neglecting. We make new families for children and we provide new, loving home and caring surrounding for children different ages, religious and national origin from all parts of Serbia.

Our family based care model is based on four principles
Every child has caring SOS mother
He grows together with brothers and sisters nurturing family bonds
Every family makes her own home in her house and
It is a part of community where SOS families live together in Village supporting surrounding which is integrated in local community.

Our mission is to help children to shape their future, to recognize and express their individual capabilities, interests and talents. We provide education and skills development that are necessary for independent life to children, and we help them to become useful members of community.
We contribute to children’s community development and we respond to needs of most threatened children and youths. We establish family strengthening programs which prevents children abandoning. We advocate children and youths rights, we respect UN children rights convention, Guidelines for alternative child care and our child protection policy, pedagogical principles based on individual approach to every child and family and right to decide about their future and development.

SOS Children’s Village Kraljevo – Centre for family accommodation with foster families’ network make 14 SOS families and same number of SOS mothers who take care about the most seven children.  SOS mother provides parental care, love and security to children; she has professional education and work in best interest of every child. To reach that goal our pedagogical team and local community resources help her.
In the second phase of care  – SOS youths programs, in safety and supporting surround it is helped to youths to finish their education, build self-confidence, attitudes, behavior and skills needed for full independence.

We believe that biological family is best place for children to grow. That is why we wish to help to threatened families in risk of abandoning children to strengthen their parental and other capacities and to provide for children to continue living with their parents, with help of all recourses of local community.

SOS Children’s Village Kraljevo is established 2004. on base of international agreement between Republic Serbia government and SOS Kinderdorf Intenational (International organization of SOS Children’s Villages). Until now we take care about more than 90 children, and we send off to independent live thee youths. 40 employees, including 28 mothers, aunts/family assistants and Youth facility educators, psyche-pedagogical and administrative team, takes care about children and youths.
We helped Foster families club and children on foster family accommodation in Kraljevo, we organized education for more than 40 foster mothers, we participated actively in making of Action plan for children from Kraljevo, in work of FICE Serbia, Cluster of civil societies for children; we established cooperation with Ombudsman for children’s rights and other nongovernmental organizations. We helped in collecting donor’s fund for central heating installation in local primary school and we helped in realization of emergency relief for school recovery which was damaged in Kraljevo earthquake in 2010.
SOS Children’s Village work is mainly financed from donation, with generous help of givers from our country and from abroad.

We are member of SOS Kinderdorf Internacional, one of the largest world’s nongovernmental organizations who dealing with children’s protection and actively work almost 61 year; with help of donors and good people, in this moment in 2013 programs in 132 countries in whole world, 507 Children’s Villages, family straightening programs, kindergartens, schools, medical and social centers, emergency relief to stricken areas (Haiti, Indonesia…) directly cares about 78.000 children and helps to 1.3 million people. International organization SOS Children’s Villages works in spirit of UN children’s rights convection and has consultative status in Economic and social council of United Nations.

Our values:
We take measures and introduce new, modern approaches to work
Fulfills the promise, we are committed and dedicated to work in the best interest of each individual child
We believe in each other, share our experiences and learn from each other
We are reliable partners, all assets and resources are used responsibly and with respect

We are successful because:
We listen and consider the opinions of children, involve them in decision-making on issues that are important for their growth and life
We use modern approaches to work, with the understanding of practical issues affecting children and families, including direct work with children by the most modern methods and the development of modern instruments, standards and guidelines for working with children and families
In the realization of the program we are cooperating with partners in government and NGO sector, international organizations, individuals and companies
We advocate and fight for respect for the rights of all children without discrimination, and we participate in the process of reforms in social protection and education.

Our work is dedicated to children’s welfare and to creation of permanent improvements in surrounding and children’s life conditions.