Some little birds got wings

Miljana and Nina’s mom has been struggling for a long time to create good living conditions for her daughters. She was in contact with them all the time during their stay in the village. The girls visited her during their vacations and holidays, but their greatest wish remained to back home and live with their mom.

“Honestly, I am happy because she is my mom after all, but I will still miss everything here because I got used to it; I have lived here for a long time. I will miss my SOS mom the most… I have many beautiful memories with her… Now, when I think of it, whenever the two of us were alone, everything was filled with love…” Miljana said before leaving.

Lamis a new Child in SOS Chilndren's Village Syria

Her SOS mom tried to hide her emotions. After couple of moments, she spoke, gentle and strong at the same time:

“I know the role and the task of a parent is to give their child wings to fly away, and so do they. My aim is not to teach them to be independent and then to keep them by my side, but to let them go. I am happy and sad at the same time for both of them. I love them so much…”

Nina added:

“I am happy and sad at the same time too. I am sad because I am leaving everything here, my friends and my SOS mom. I am happy because I am going to live with my mom. I will miss the children from home, Andrija the most of all, he is the youngest, when he starts imitating and making everybody laughs… he is the best…”

Their friends, village’s co-workers, SOS aunts, all of them were crying while they were leaving, everyone but SOS mom. She cried later. She did not let her girls to see how hard it was for her. She wanted to send them with a smile to their new life, the life with their true family. She welcomes them with a smile when they visit her and she answers the phone with a smile when they call. She has given them wings to fly away. Thank you for helping them to grow up in a nest full of love and warmth.