Some little birdies found their safe nests

Anela, as a big sister, is sitting next to Milovan, a new little boy, and is watching over him as he is eating. She gets up, takes a napkin and wipes his mouth. After breakfast, she gets up and puts the dishes into the dishwasher. Vlada, her elder brother, picks up the crumbs from the table. It seemed as if I wandered in a mechanism of a huge clock, that is how I feel while sitting at the table and watching them. Everybody knows their chores; everything is done with a smile, but yet, solemnly and carefully. They are like small, complicated gears that fit perfectly.

In late February this year, two little boys arrived at Anela’s SOS family. At the beginning, she was a bit confused. So far, Gaga was only their SOS mother, now, suddenly, they had to ‘share’ her! Everything ‘came to its place’ very quickly, they all have adapted to the two little, but cheerful boys.

A miracle has happened! Petar, Anela’s biological younger brother, is no longer the youngest in the family! He, who had been the coddle in the family, the youngest child until that moment, did not cope well with the new situation at the beginning.
“And where am I now? What is my place, I’m not the youngest anymore…”

After a month, everything slowly came into place. He does not share his room with Anela anymore, but with his older brother Vlada. Finally! They have their own male chats, a tablet a computer, sports… Nevertheless, although he is with his older brother in the room, he is emotionally very close to their SOS mother. He cares about her a lot and tries to help her as much as he can. He is sure of her love and his place in her heart, he has no problem with “sharing” her with the new boys. What’s more, he loves helping her with them.

Everything that mother has taught him since he arrived to the family he can now teach the two of them. He corrects the little boys quietly:

“You’re not allowed to touch it, leave it, it’s not a toy, now let’s go this way… you can’t do that, it is not nice …”


Vlada is the oldest brother and he enjoys that role, and Petar likes to be with his older brother more than with his sister in the room. Who enjoys more is difficult to say. It is important that the changes have passed without problems and that all of them enjoy themselves very much, Milovan and Nikola especially.

They have found a family that loves them and where they feel safe and grow up peacefully.