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Short review of SOS Children’s Villages Serbia

Organisation SOS Children’s Villages has been helping children in Serbia since 2004.
Our programs and projects are available in 7 towns all over Serbia. During 2018, through different programs and projects, we gave support to 8.533 children, adolescents and adults, and 638 families as well.

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So far, through our programs we have helped:

We are a member of

Why are we different from other organisations?

We think that each child is unique, because he/she comes from different environment, has got different needs and dreams. We are different because we really put a child to be a centre of everything we do.

We know every child by name.

We get to know every child and young person in our care, and each one has an individual development plan. We talk with the children and involve them, age-appropriately, in any decisions affecting them. The individual child's best interests are at the heart of every decision. Although each child is different, our experience tells us that ALL children need long-term, resilient relationships, and that these are best developed in family environments.

We care within a family

Everything we do is oriented towards making sure that every child grows up in a caring family environment, where they feel like they belong, where the child can be a child.
This implies not only that their basic needs are met – including health, education, and nutrition – but that each and every child experiences stable and loving relationships.

Building on existing capacities and initiatives within the community, we develop strong social support systems for children and their families.
When this happens, children grow into confident adults and contributing members of society, breaking the cycle of poverty and inequity.

We stay with the children for a long time

We provide support over the long term, so that each child or young person can develop resilient relationships and face life's challenges in the future.

We continue our support until young people are ready to become independent.

We focus on enabling the child to really be themselves, and ultimately to be responsible for their own decisions and actions.

Our goal is to maintain a family together. Even when children cannot stay with their biological parents, we try not to separate siblings, but we try to provide them a chance to grow up within the SOS family. SOS is the only organisation that works with groups of siblings.

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