Refugee Camp in Presevo got a New Yard – Thanks to Common Effort of Refugees and SOS Team

“Good will and even better people can make great changes.” This is the message of SOS Children’s Villages Serbia team that works with refugees in Reception center Presevo.

SOS Children’s Villages Serbia have been working in Presevo for two years. In this center we have variety activities for youths, children and families. We support informal education through improvised school and organize large number of occupational activities and creative workshops. We provide communication activities and IT services through IT corner and offer psychological support through support groups for women and men and workshops for children.

In order to make some positive changes in Reception center Presevo and life of refugees in this center our colleagues organize make over of old, frowsy yard.

SOS Children’s Villages co-workers, together with refugees were engaged to rearrange old and neglected yard of Reception center. Large number of volunteers of all ages was also included and they all worked together in order to transform owergrown yard into a beautiful park.


Every day, dozens of refugees, with enthusiasm, worked with our team. That was proof how work and common goals can connect different people. Culture, religion, country of origin and other differences are not barriers. Beauty is actually in our diversities.

“That was very inspirational activity. Refugees were so happy to be included in all that needs to be done. They wanted to give their own contribution and to show us gratitude for everything that SOS has been doing for them”, said Jelena Vicentijevic, one of SOS educators in Reception center Presevo.

As time goes by we had result that everyone wanted – beautiful big yard with avenue, different plants, flowers and threes, wooden benches and space for children to play. Everyone was so happy. Refugees were proud on themselves because of their contribution and SOS team was happy for possibility to give them a chance to forget their everyday suffering and pains and to do something nice and useful.


Reception center Presevo now has one new, beautiful corner for children, youths and everyone in the camp. They can now spending time in beautiful ambient, take care about their little park and enjoy in first days of autumn. New yard will, also, be place for different educational, occupational, creative and other activities and workshops that SOS Children’s Villages Serbia organize for refugees on daily basis in order to empower them and provide them help and support.

SOS Children’s Villages Serbia have been providing help and support for refugees since August 2017, through Emergency Response Program “Solidarity”. Now, SOS provides emergency support to refugees in 12 of 18 government-run refugee centres and is the only non-governmental organisation working in six of these camps. We provide Safe Places or Children, Mother and Baby Corners, ICT Corners, Family Rooms and Youth Corners, support of “Playbus” and Child Protection teams, material and psychological support, educational, occupational and variety of different activities for refugees, as well as capacity building for municipalities and local institutions in order to strengthen their capacities for better response on refugee crisis.