We’re strengthening families in risk in order to prevent children’s separation from their families

Sometimes, families, which are in some very difficult situation or crisis, cannot take care of their children in a proper way. In such a situation, it could happen that children are being separated from their families. In order to prevent such a situation, our organisation has set up a “Family Strengthening “program in 2013.

Through this program, we provide educational, psycho-social and material support to families in risk. We work with parents in order to strengthen their capacities for taking care of their children and improving their life quality. Currently, through this program, we support families on 4 locations:


Program was launched in 2014, through project of emergency help and assistance for flooded areas. Our missions was giving support to families so they could continue their lives normally and create healthy environment for children to grow up. Today, this program has been operating through direct work of professional team with families in risk. More about our work you can find on link


Centre for family support “Guidepost” was set up at the end of 2013 as a part of the project exceeding boarders and with cooperation with SOS Children’s Villages Bulgaria. After project was finished, centre continued with supporting families in risk through different activities: individual and group psycho-social counselling, schools for parenting, youth club, educational support, visiting families in their own homes and other activities. Further, co-workers from this Centre have been working on strengthening refugees’ families in South Serbia. More about our work you can find on link

Novi Beograd and Zemun

Project “Strengthening Young Roma Families” has been launched in order to enforce social inclusion and decreasing of poverty of Roma families that live in territories of Zemun and Novi Beograd. The project is supported by German Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and it’s held by ADRA Serbia and SOS Children’s Villages Serbia in cooperation with ADRA Germany, Primary School “Branko Pešić” and Know How Centre.

SOS Children’s Villages are working on strengthening families, in order to protect children separation from their families and to provide the, better future. Family co-workers work with them on increasing parental competencies, motivating children and parents for including children in school system, and other problems that families are dealing with. More about our work you can find on link




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