“Super bus”

“Super bus” is mobile education centre designed for work with children, which goes all around different municipalities in Serbia, giving children from socially excluded and marginal groups possibility to understand and overcome, while playing, different difficulties standing on their path of growing up.

Activities of “Super bus” are realized through group games, non-verbal communication, creative workshops, interesting sports games and workshops that deal with different subjects, such as non-violent communication, non-violent overcoming the conflicts, with tolerance and emotions.

Activities created by “Super bus“ team are organized on public spaces available to children – in parks, on squares, as well as in kindergartens, schools, youth centres, cultural centres and institutions, local community spaces, children’s shelters, hospitals and different institutions that work with children and youngsters.

“Super bus” started up its engine for the first time in 2014, within a Program of urgent help to flooded areas, which was organized by SOS Children’s Villages Serbia on territories of Kraljevo, Trstenik, Obrenovac and Lazarevac, by organizing different activities directed to psycho-social support and children’s and youngsters’ integration through different games, pedagogical , creative and educational activities within the flooded areas.

Educators from “Super bus” team have been also engaged in Program of urgent help to refugees “Solidarity”, from August 2015 until October 2018. Their participation in this project, a part of organising different creative and interesting activities for children and adults in reception centres all over Serbia, involved informing them about risks of exploitation, human trafficking and other risks which children refugees are exposed to, but also involved distribution of humanitarian aid.

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