Strengthening Foster Families

Fostering is a way of taking care of child who doesn’t have an appropriate parental care. A child is being put into another family, foster family, which takes care about his/her health, development, upbringing and education. Relationship between child and foster should match, as much as possible, the relationship child – parent. But, difficult life experience of children, separation from close persons and frequent changes of accommodation, made these children come to foster families with great number of problems which are usually reflected on children’s behaviour.

Based on long-term experience, people in charge in Centres for family reception and fosters detected need for additional education of fosters, which would help in better understanding children’s behaviour and reactions to their needs. This is why, with great backing of Erste Bank and British-Serbian charity fund, we started up a program of supporting foster families in June 2013. Till now, project, which includes Centre for family support “Guidepost”, SOS Children’s Village Kraljevo and “Super-Bus”, has been realized with Centres for Family Accomodation and Adoption in Niš, Kragujevac, Zaječar and Ćuprija.

Till now, more than 250 foster families and around 300 kids have been included in Program of Strengthening Fosters and Supporting Children in Foster Families.

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