“SOS Youth Community” and Program “Semi-independent life”

Our approach to children care is long-lasting and involves continuous support to them until they reach their independence. Children we are taking care of live in SOS families until they reach individual competence to move to SOS Youngster Community, which represents the second phase of long – lasting care. Within SOS Youth Community, which is situated just a few kilometres from SOS Children’s Village Kraljevo, young people continue with their lives until they finish schools or until they become capable to do one of the chosen vocations. Professional educators are taking care of their lives, health and studying.

After they finish school and leave SOS Youth Community, SOS Children’s Villages give support to young people who go to Universities, through program “Semi-independent life”. Program involves advisory and financial support in employment


Furthermore, during 2017, there was a nine months course “Support to Young People Employment “organized for 12 young people, out of whom three were from SOS Children’s Village and nine of them were users of Social Help Centre in Kraljevo. Within those educational and psychological workshops, they had an opportunity to learn how to write a CV and motivation letter, how to behave on an interview for a job and how to act in working environment. Also, in cooperation with different employers, there were working practices organized in different companies, organisations and institutions.

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