SOS Children’s Village Kraljevo

SOS Children’s Village Kraljevo represents unique concept  of care for children without parental care, which gives children possibility to grow up in caring family environment, in foster SOS families. In SOS Children’s Village Kraljevo, we provide a new home to children whose parents couldn’t take care because of some, no matter which, reason, and it’s a home where they live in with their SOS parents and with their biological and SOS siblings. Siblings remain together within the same SOS family, which represents crucial advantage of our care in family environment comparing to other ways of protection. SOS parents live together with children, directing and guiding their development, taking care of household and respecting family strings of each child, his / her cultural origins and religion. Support to SOS families is given by professional psycho – pedagogic team and by resources of local community whose part we are as well.
In SOS families, children live until they reach individual competence to move to SOS Community of Youngsters, which is the second phase of long – lasting care.

Currently, there are 77 children, in an age of 0 up to 18 years, living in SOS Children’s Village Kraljevo, in 15 family houses with SOS parents.


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