Program of Emergency Help to Refugees “Solidarity”

This program was launched in August 2015, and its main goal is to help (in providing alimentary and non-alimentary articles, clothes and footwear, sanitary and hygiene items, medicines, diapers etc.) and to give psycho – social support to children and their families from the Near East on their way through Serbia. Apart direct care of them, our organisation provided as well:

Corner for mother and a baby

Corner for mother and a baby is a space within the refugee reception centre, designed for children and mothers with children, where mothers have possibility to get a professional support about feeding a baby, importance of breast feeding, advices about health and hygiene, but also get rest and relax in a safe and clean space.

Safe places for children

Safe places for children are spaces within the refugee reception centre, designed for preschool and school children and parents with children. In such a place, children have an opportunity to play in safe and clean space, to develop their own potentials, to educate, to discover their own talents, to reveal their creativity and spend their free time with parents actively involved in work with children. Children are given educators’ attention and they have space where they can be children again, in their world of games, fun and knowledge.

Corner for young people

Corner for young people is designed for older adolescents in the age of 13 to 18 and young people in the age of 19 to 30, who are often neglected and are lacking of activities within the reception centres. Through realisation of creative, educational, psychological, and interesting and sports-recreation activities in open spaces, we work on empowering youngsters, on incentive of their social skills, on informing them, on giving practical knowledges through group and individual work. Through different activities, we help young and older adolescents to recognize, accept, show and name emotions and feelings, understand changes which are happening in themselves and around them; we teach them non-violent communication and non-violent way of resolving problems, to develop a sense of responsibility and point out dangers.
We especially work on empowering girls, through activities designed and adapted for them, respecting cultures they are coming from.

ICT corner

Access to information, as well as communication with family members they are separated from, is of great importance for refugees. This is why SOS Children’s Villages opened ICT corners at key spots, with Internet access points. Users can spend their time in ICT corner in learning as well- basic computer literacy and eLearning program, learn languages through online platforms. We organize workshops for children where we try, through different online programs and games, to work on achieving new knowledges such as learning numbers, counting, addition, deducting, learning languages, colours etc.

We realize even workshops about bullying, dangers on Internet, data protection and right use of profiles on social networks.

Additionally, we put an effort to involve women and girls in activities in ICT corner, so they have a special appointment during the day specially organized for them.

Informal educational activities and support to formal educations and occupying activities

With our work, we give support to children who go to school through help in homework and additional classes. We implement even preparing activities for preschool children. We realise workshops where children learn their mother language (Arabic or Farsi). Those workshops, with our support, are realized by refugees whose vocation is a teacher.
For children of older age, who do not go to school, we organize informal education in Serbian and English, sociology and citizen education, geography and biology, in order to have continuity in education and complement their knowledge.

Also, with a help of external co-workers, we organize occupying activities in some centres we are presented in with other activities – carpentry workshops, sewing workshops, painting, sports activities, informational workshops etc., and all in order to help refugees fulfill their spare time in qualitative way, but also to achieve skills which can be used in their further lives.

Support Teams for Children’s Protection

In its work, Team for Children’s Protection is focused to identify vulnerable groups of children, track their conditions and respond to their needs, directing them, when needed, to other in charge Centres for Social Work, medical organisations in charge for children care.

Support to in charge state institutions and local communities

SOS Children’s Villages Serbia, according to own possibilities, give support to in charge state institutions and local communities, strengthening their capacities to answer refugee crisis through investments in installations, human resources and needed equipment. So far we have done:

  • Centre for Children with Special Needs “Cradle” in Subotica, we donated needed help in food, water, clothes, footwear, hygiene supplies and other needed products
  • We financed construction of protective tunnel on train station, and helped reconstruction of Sports Hall in a primary school “Sremski front” in Šid
  • We donated a car to a Centre for Social Work in Preševo and Bujanovac
  • We provided training for employees in partnership organisations, local institutions and centres for social work,
  • We provided construction of playground for children in reception Centre Adaševci
  • We provided donation of IT, sports and office material and equipment for eight schools in Serbia attended by children refugees
  • We distributed New Year’s presents for children in all reception centres we are working with
  • We provided associates for accompanying children to school etc.


Currently, SOS Children’s Villages Serbia has been carrying out activities for refugees, helping and supporting them through constant presence in four centres.



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