International Day of Families


We celebrate the International Day of Families each year on May15. Our 14 foster families make a big family, SOS Children’s Village which known to have a fun and to celebrate this day in the best possible way. We celebrate with Games without frontiers, fun and laughter without borders, competition in imaginative games. Luck can to win, skill and strength. Most importantly, love always wins.


“Do not be angry man”, but on our way! Mothers are the ones who are moved by the marked fields and children throwing big dice with numbers … All eagerly await which number will fall by. Six! Three … Again six! Joyful squeal from all the happy fans…

Then blindfolded mothers, guided by children’s voices, need to collect as many flowers in a minute and a half. Flowers have been five, but guidance can be sound as follows:
“Left, left mom! No, not there! Stop. Now go ahead. No theeere forward, turn around! Now go left. Oh no, no there left …”


Of course, the obligatory game is rope pulling! Grandfather catches a turnip, grandmother catches the grandfather, a sister catches the grandmother… No, it does not work like this rhyme! Here goes: Mom for the rope, and the biggest kid for the mom, and a little less… So when we see that the help is necessary because of the unequal power of the different number and age of children in families, all people take the ropes and helps! It could be more supporters than members of the SOS family…


That is the beauty of this day. We are all one big family. Only together, we win all challenges. Finally, three cakes for three winners, shared to all because they are all winners, right? Moreover, have you, remembered yours loved ones, gathered for a family lunch, and called them, and made small gifts of appreciation at least on this day? If not, the time is right, and you have all 364 days of the year left for our precious family.