Why do we need your help?

Majority of the children we are taking care of, come from the extremely poor families, with difficult life experiences and traumas, often chipped or slow psycho-physical development. They need special care and special life conditions. Beside SOS mothers who live with children in home and give them parental care, warmth of family home and take care of them as all other mothers, they need a professional help as well from psychologist, speech pathologist/therapist, social workers, physicians, pedagogues and teachers.

Being an organisation which is basically financed through donations from donators, every help is appreciated and welcomed. The money we receive from our donators, we spend on the most needed supplies for children and families we are taking care of, such as furnishing and maintaining households, education expenses, medical treatments expenses, professional support to children with difficulties in their development.

By helping us, you secure happier childhood which every child needs, support development of local community, give support to education, rehabilitation and socialization of children and youngsters and influence in making even more efficient system of children protection.


Donate now

If you decide to support our work, you can contact us by phone: +381 11 6302 932, or by email: tijana.milosevic@sos-decijasela.rs


Apart of donations in money, our work is supported in donations of products which we buy on daily basis as well as services. That way, we release financial resources to other purposes.

Donations in products Donations in services
  • Children’s beds, bed sheets, pillows
  • Appliances for SOS households, furniture
  • Hygiene and home cleanness products
  • Material and equipment for house painting and painting services
  • Basic life supplies
  • Children clothes and shoes
  • School supplies
  • Fuel oil for heating and other
  • Painting houses where SOS families live and performing other repairs and maintenance works on buildings and yards
  • Professional services - psychotherapy, work of speech therapists, learning aid, foster education
  • Tuition fees, training for children and youth, organization of various educational, sports and recreational activities
  • Printing promotional material of our organisation
  • Donation of media space
  • Publishing articles about our organisation within promotional material of our partners
  • Promoting SOS Children Villages Serbia by distributing material with invitation to help, which are being sent to other partners’ clients
  • Invitation to your partners to join us
  • Preparing adolescents in risk for labour market, employment, work practice

Besides that, you can always help us with your voluntary work.

If you would like to join us in some of the ways mentioned above, you can contact us by phone: +38111 6302 932 or by email: tijana.milosevic@sos-decijasela.rs

We thank you, on behalf of children and families we are taking care of!


By buying New Year’s cards with motifs from our children’s drawings you help us in realizing our mission to create home full of love for every child. If you want to support us that way, you can contact us by phone: +381 11 6302 932 or by email: fondacija@sos-decijasela.rs