Boda entertained children in Kraljevo


Theatre “Children’s Land” was held in Belgrade in two primary schools in Kraljevo – “Kablar” and “IVkraljevački Battalion” charity concerts, and this wasalso an occasion to promote the CD, “Who issinging, this is like” where the actor Slobodan BodaNinkovic singing along with friends from KraljevoSOS Children’s Village.

The organizer of this charity event is to support groups working in emergency situations, established under the UN Global Compact in Serbia.

Marija Veljkovic, Slobodan Ninkovic and Body Jovica Tisma the theater “Children’s Land”, performed by the children’s rock and roll cabaret “It would be fine,” joined in song and games and the students’ Battalion “, where we recorded this footage.
The above-mentioned working group, otherwise, has launched several initiatives to helpKraljevo after the earthquake, and one of them is the organization of free cultural, sports,entertainment and other content to Kraljevo.
The UN Global Compact, with local networks, bringing together socially responsible companies and institutions from around the world.