Back to school!

On 04 October 2011 the newly renovated building of primary school Vuk Karadzic was officially handed for use to the town of Kraljevo thus restoring safety for over 1.200 pupils age 6 to 14.

The school suffered substantial damages in the earthquake of 03 November 2010 causing one wing of the main building to completely close, while classes in the branch building, located near the SOS Children’s Village Kraljevo, were shortened and held with difficulties. Despite this, in an act of solidarity, both the main building and its branch admitted over one thousand high-school students from two schools that had to be shut.

The total cost of the renovation in amount of  71.000  Euros was provided in full by HGFD. Works began in 18. July 2011 and completed successfully on  30. September  2011.

School opened deputy of Serbian Ministry for education, Mr. Zoran Kostic and SOS Kinderdorf International regional director deputy Mr. Damir Coric. As a donor representative, Mr.Coric said:
“Trough conversations with city administration, with Ministry from Belgrade, we decided to renovate two schools, one part of school “ Vuk Karadzic” and secondary part of school “Dragan Marinkovic”, settled in Popovici. We are happy to be able to found money for this trough Herman Gmainer fond from Germany, we are happy that we are finished this project together with local performers, and finally, but most important, we are happy that children are back in school again, they have possibility to learn and gain new successes. Natural disaster occurs, we can’t make choice, but at least we can reduce the consequences.”

The renovation brings back not only safety, but also introduces improved conditions for teaching. “Minor problems which we faced before were increased drastically by the earthquake,” says Mr Rodoljub Zecevic, school director. “The renovation left us with solid premises where the children can stay safe and healthy.
When disaster happened than good people shows up and helps. Our school had donator, German Herman Gmainer fond, who help us first, thanks to SOS Childrens Village which is near by our secondary school in Beranovac. Their children are our students. Thanks to their mediation and with help of SOS Kinderdorf Internacional Regional office, one of first donations which came to Kraljevo was this, for our school sanation, and we are really grateful. “

Established in 1929 in the building of an old mill, Vuk Karadzic is the biggest primary school in Kraljevo. Before the earthquake of last year, it was estimated that at least 22% of its pupils come from socially vulnerable groups such as orphaned children, refugees, internally displaced or poor people.

SOS Children’s Villages provided 11.000  Euros for renovation f a smaller branch of primary school Dragan Marinkovic in Popovici, rural surrounding of Kraljevo. This school provides education for  20  pupils from pre-school classes and from first to forth class. Works began in  6. September and will be finished by  30. October.