7th Birthday of SOS Children’s Village Kraljevo


On Friday, October 26, the SOS Children’s Village Kraljevo officially celebrated for seven year anniversary. Director of SOS Children’s Village Kraljevo, Ms. Vesna Mraković-Jokanovic greeted guests at the beginning of the ceremony, and handed thanksgiving to institutions and donors for successful cooperation, who helped the most our work in recent years and with whom we collaborated most successful: CSW Cukarica and Stara Pazova, Directorate for planning and Development of Kraljevo, NGOs “Lastavica” from Prague, the Association of Serbian chefs and to company “Stefan from, Arilje.


Milun Jovanovic, deputy mayor congratulated the birthday on behalf of the City Kraljevo. Our dear guests were colleagues from the Centre for Social Work from various parts of Serbia, representatives of the Serbian Orthodox Church, school and kindergarten, representatives of the Police department, “Elektrosrbija”, representative of Germany Commerce Chamber in Serbia, our volunteers and many others.


All present enjoyed in the program prepared by the children and young people. Chorus “Little Stars” was shining starry splendor, small Andjelka ballerina danced like an angel, and Jelica – girl who for several years lived in the Youth facility and preparing for independent living, presented the Community Life seen – through the eyes of the young person. How to be brave, how much love could be taken from SOS family, how to use the opportunities that life offers, how important support they receive from educators is and how are important all things they have learned and brought inside themselves from the SOS family.


Small poet Stasa was read three of her poems: about the mother, the younger brother and the first love. Through her poetry she reminded and back to the childhood all present, reminded them what are the most important things in the life of the child: Mom and all that she is providing us – her gentle care and warm embrace; brothers and sisters, because without them life would not be so fun, and love …


We showed what makes us all proud after these first seven years. Currently care for 80 children in SOS families, 14 young people in the Youth facility and youth supporting programs, 5 young people became independent and 5 children were returned to their biological families. Our first student has successfully completed the first year of faculty and second year enrolled; we had our first grandchild and another one is on the way. With the help of MK Group and other donors, we are building a new house for the SOS Youth Facility and we are planning some new programs to support children and families.


Through the eyes of the young girl, with songs and smiles, applause of all present, we received again another confirmation that we are on the right track, that love is what makes the world moving,  and that the Loving home for every child, we all strive for, is not and should never become unattainable idea.